An easy way to explore the meaning behind those animal encounters

Animal Totems gives you mobile access to a over 120 different animals and their meanings. Short precise definitions help you determine the basis for the message provided to your from your animal friends.

Browse through an expanding list of animals

Scroll through a list of animals. Search for a specific animal by name, or you can search by a trait that the animal represents, like strength, wisdom, self-confidence, change and more.

Flip though cards manually with a swipe

The search and list view is not the only way to locate an animal. Select any animal, then swipe left or right for the next, or previous animal in the deck. All the animals are arranged in alphabtical order.

Simple and precise meanings and insight

Double tap the card to see information on what the animal means. Simple concise statements get straight to the point, offering you the ability to understand how the animals appearance pertains to you.

Looking for a random card?

From the list of animals, or from any animal card, shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and a random card will appear for you. Use this as a daily event to help guide you through your day.